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Your NJ Pepper Jams & Jellies in Recipes

Melted Brie on Toasted French Bread with JJJ Cranberry Pepper Jelly

Degree of difficulty-easy but watch the toast!
Crazy good appetizer that disappears quickly!


  • French Bread
  • Brie cheese (suggest one pound for appetizer)
  • JJJ Cranberry Pepper Jelly

Turn on oven broiler
Slice French Bread  ¼ to ½ in thick
Spread slices flat on baking pan, place under broiler and lightly toast (watch carefully or it will burn)  Toast on both sides. Remove pan from oven.
Slice Brie cheese ¼ inches thick (not too thick or bread will burn before cheese melts)
Get teaspoon ready with Cranberry Pepper Jelly
Place one teaspoon of Cranberry Pepper Jelly on each slice of bread. Top off Jelly with a slice of Brie cheese.
Place pan back under broiler until cheese melts. (watch carefully or bread will burn)

Serve immediately!

Makes about 20-25 servings.

Use Mini Fillo Shells instead of bread-also excellent!

Can also use crackers instead of bread and use microwave to melt

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream and JJJ Strawberry Pepper Jam

Degree of difficulty-easy

Exceptionally good!


  • 4 medium peaches (fresh & ripe)
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • JJJ Strawberry Pepper Jam 8 T

Turn on grill to medium heat
Clean and dry peaches
Slice peaches in half and remove pit
Place peaches sliced side down on preheated grill
Cook 10 minutes on medium heat until soft and grill marks visible

(While peaches are grilling put jam in small microwavable dish and heat 20-30 secs)

Turn over and cook on round side 5 minutes (will see juice start to pool in center)

Place peach halves in bowls (1 or 2 to a bowl) add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream in center of each peach then drizzle jam on top.

Makes 4 large servings or 8 small servings.
Experiment with different flavors of ice cream!

Brownies with Ice Cream and JJJ Raspberry Pepper Jelly

Degree of difficulty-easy!
Can use Mild or Hot Raspberry for this!


  • Use your favorite brownie mix, make ahead of time.
  • Vanilla ice cream or your favorite flavor
  • JJJ Raspberry Pepper Jelly
  • Whipped cream

Cut a generous slice of brownie, place in dish and warm in microwave
Place several tablespoons of jelly in dish and warm in microwave
Scoop ice cream on top of brownie and pour jelly on top of ice cream and over brownie.

Whip cream is optional!

Serve immediately!

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