Welcome to Jacky's Jams and Jellies

Introducing an amazing line of handmade Gourmet Pepper Jams and Jellies from the Jersey Shore!

About Us

Our Products

 Our products are Handmade, All Natural, Fat Free and No Gluten Added. No preservatives or food coloring added. Just a few simple ingredients gives our product it's unique flavor! 

Each of our flavors has a "Heat Factor". The more red peppers the hotter it is!

Our Story


JJJ is a women owned business based in Pine Beach, NJ. Our goal is to create an exceptionally high quality product that everyone can enjoy.

What started as a hobby with family and friends quickly turned into a word of mouth demand locally. We now have customers from all over the U.S.!

Our Mission

 Our mission is to create a product with limited natural ingredients and great flavor.  We hope to inspire our customers to enhance their food with a great new taste! 


Nicole V. Brick, NJ

 "Jacky's Jellies are sweet hot and FABULOUS! They make great gifts too! 

Karen D. New Jersey

  "Attention Gourmets: This is the product for you! The flavor is excellent and allows you maximum creativity! This jelly is outstanding! It doesn’t matter if you use it in an appetizer, entrée, or dessert it disappears in seconds!" 

Carolyn B. New Jersey

 "Everybody’s talking about Jacky’s Jams and Jellies.  My friends are in love, addicted and thinking up new ways to put a little kick in their food to surprise their families and guests.  Bravo, Jacky!"  

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