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Everyone is Loving Jackys Jams and Jellies!

See what people have been saying about their favorite Jersey Jam – Jacky’s Jams and Jellies!

“I love the blueberry and cranberry jellies on a bagel with cream cheese.
I served the hot pepper jelly with triscuits and cream cheese. (it was a hit at a recent party.)  In addition, I used the hot pepper jelly on pork chops that I cooked in  the oven.  It gave the meat a really nice flavor.”

Kate C from North Carolina

Good Luck with the website!

Jacky’s Jellies are Sweet, Hot and FABULOUS!   They make great gifts too!

Nicole V., Brick NJ

Not only great tasting but a nice change to the boring wine, cheese and crackers gift baskets…Teachers,co-workers and friends just loved it!!!

Barb J.,  NJ

Best Ass Kicking Jelly’s and Jams on the East Coast…..we often take the Blueberry and spread it on top of a block of cream cheese, serve it with graham crackers, it”s great!!……. also the Peach Pepper Jam is one of our favorites, we use it to baste pork ribs or a roast for a delicious meal,  we’ve used it on top of chicken too…..    Thanks for a Great Product!!!!

Pat and Larry N, NJ

I always enjoyed my jams and jellies. The thought of adding pepper to it at first, was a little unusual. It only took one taste and I was back for more. My favorite is the mild cranberry, I have tried it on rye toast, bagels, assorted crackers and also with brie cheese. The taste is far more superior to what I can get at the supermarket. I will be in touch to order more.

Carol D., NJ

I loved the surprising kick you get from Jacky’s Original Pepper Jelly.  The “Ass Kickin'” description on the jar doesn’t say enough.  They found a wonderful way of combining the sweetness of a jam with an awesome spicy punch.

JD Montague, NJ

The Blueberry Pepper Jelly puts a new spin on the blueberry jelly you were probably raised on.  They people at Jacky’s Jams & Jellies turned it up a notch with a unique combination of sweet & potent flavors.  It’s like nothing you ever had before.

PD Montague, NJ

I can’t get enough of the Cranberry Pepper Jelly from Jacky’s Jams & Jellies.  It engages the sweetness of cranberries with a powerful taste of a pepper.  A true pleasure for your mouth.  You’ll find yourself long for more even after your crackers are gone.

MD Montague, NJ

Attention Gourmets:
This is the product for you! The flavor is excellent and allows you maximum creativity! This jelly is outstanding! It doesn’t matter if you use it in an appetizer, entrée, or dessert it disappears in seconds!

Karen S., NJ

Jacky’s pepper jelly served over warm brie and crackers has become one of my signature appetizers.  It’s easy to prepare and always the first dish finished at parties.  My friends and family can’t get enough of it!  Simply delicious!

Andrea H., Milford, CT

I love your pepper jams.  I have tried most of the favors and I can not pick one as a favorite.  My family uses them on bagels with cream cheese; I have used them when baking pork chops and roasts for added flavor.  But I think using any flavor poured over cream cheese and served with crackers make any party or get together special.  Thank you for such a great line of jams and jellies.

Debbie F., CA

Everybody’s talking about Jacky’s Jams and Jellies.  My friends are in love, addicted and thinking up new ways to put a little kick in their food to surprise their families and guests.  Bravo, Jacky!

Carolyn B.,  NJ

Jacky, you know I like all your jellies. I use the Mint with lamb, the Cranberry on all Turkey and chicken dishes (or sandwiches), the Peach and Strawberry are great for breakfast (or snack time ) and the Ass Kickin’ is terrific on any cold cut sandwich. Try a little on your next grilled cheese!!! Any of them are great with a peanut butter sandwich. Love ’em all.

Regards, Gloria B. NJ

Jacky’s Jam’s and Jellies are so good, that I bought them as teachers gifts for the Holiday’s. The teachers raved about them and even gave me some orders for more!

Patty K., NJ

Even my son-in-law, who dislikes sweets, loves your super hot raspberry!

Barbara S., NJ

When Jacky came to us to do her company website she left a few jars of the product for us to photograph. After the photography I decided to bring one home and give it a try. I was first reluctant because I thought pepper jelly would not be for me. Boy was I wrong! I gave it a try and it was great. I have since tried it on pork roast, with peanut butter and soon to try on ice cream. I am now hooked!
You will love it too!

Thomas Forgione
Web Alliance International, Inc.

One Response to “Everyone is Loving Jackys Jams and Jellies!”

  • jmbrannick:

    I recently became a huge fan of spicy food. In the past, I was never one to “experiment” with anything, as my wife puts it…with flavor. I always liked very plain food. I never thought in a million years I would try pepper jelly. When Jacky came into my store today, I asked her about the jelly she makes. She offered me a jar of the ASS KICKIN jelly to try because I explained my new found love of spicy food. I was curious to try it because my wife had brought some home from work one day for me to try, and I wouldn’t go near it. This was before my spicy phase. I had a packet of saltines in the kitchen at work and decided to give it a shot. My only response was “WOW!!!!!” This was AMAZING!!! I actually ran across the street to the grocery store to buy more crackers so I could eat more. Thank you so much Jacky!!! I absolutely LOVE this jelly.

    James B. (Store Manager @ Extra Space Storage)

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